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Powerful web-based survey and questions editor
View summarized, detailed and individual survey results
Unlimited multi-page surveys, questions & answers
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Create cool surveys and voting polls on your site in minutes!

Vote Pro 4.0 is an easy-to-use software tool designed to deliver the best voting and survey options for your web site

Features and Benefits:

  • Great Intellectual Core!
    View summarized, detailed and individual voting and survey results.
  • SKINS!
    Create, edit, save, copy and enjoy your own design profiles! Complete CSS and template customization support! Every element of your survey can be customized: fonts, sizes, colors, buttons, borders, and bar graphs. Create and apply skins to your surveys and polls!
  • Works with all websites
    Simple home page or large corporate websites are welcome
  • Full layout and design control
    All features are available with powerful administration tool
  • Powerful web-based survey and questions editor
  • Multi-page surveys, questions & answers
    Ability to accept write-in answers and comments.
  • Multiple Poll Types: support all types of polls including radio buttons, multiple checkboxes, drop-down menus and many more.
  • Full Newsletters and emails support: polls can be placed directly on a page as static HTML.
  • Protected MySQL database data storage
  • No traffic limits!
  • Simple and easy to understand error messages
    You have full layout and message text control
  • Multiple selections in list box and checkboxes
  • Configurable question types (multiple choice, text, etc.)
  • Optional publicly viewable survey results
  • Preview entire surveys and individual questions
  • Processing complex Multiple Pages polls
  • Filter out IP Addresses to eliminate duplicate responses. The entire results section will reflect your filter choices.
  • 100% Customizable Results Page.
    Results page can be fully customized. Show results in iFrame, new window or within some specific page tags.
  • Flexible administration management.
    Unlimited number of administrators. Create additional user accounts for you colleagues using the same corporate account, including flexible right management
  • Works with all domain names
  • Works on Unix and Windows platforms
  • Priority support 24/7

Finally, unbeatable price and full 30-day money back guarantee!

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Vote! Pro 4.0 - voting poll, voting software, professional voting software, vote forms processing, vote poll

Instant Setup. Create cool surveys and polls in minutes!


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